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Uncommon LMS Features Your Company Needs

Highly regulated industries such as food and beverage production, health care, cosmetics, manufacturing, and life science must meet stringent training requirements to comply with government regulations and industry standards. Using a learning management system (LMS) keeps training materials organized so employees and administrators have easy access to what they need.

Here, we'll go over why an LMS is important as well as some of the most valuable features to look for when choosing one.

The Importance of LMS in Highly Regulated Industries

An LMS is a software that provides a framework for your organization's entire employee training program. A good LMS is essential to your company's overall compliance status. Here's why:

  • Organizes all your training content for easy access and interpretation

  • Enables you to delegate training resources effectively

  • Tracks employee qualification progress

  • Proactive reminder and escalation notifications

  • Prepares all training data for smooth industry audits

When choosing an LMS, you need to ensure the features offered will deliver value to your organization. You also need to verify that it will be compatible with your existing technology.

Uncommon LMS Features

As a veteran in regulated industries, ISOtrain provides uncommon features providing intuitive individualization tools, informative monitoring and flexible integration options to manage your training process.

User profiles: Individualized training profiles let you evaluate each user's unique learning needs and configure course content to match.

User-friendly interface: The LMS has been created with state-of-the-art technology. This approach allows an intuitive user experience that lowers the barriers for employees who struggle with new technologies.

Tracking and reporting: As an advanced LMS, ISOtrain lets you track employee learning progress so you can monitor how each user is progressing.

User management: ISOtrain enables you to onboard and organize new users with ease according to their roles and training needs.

Third-party integrations: Seamless integration with other applications like document management systems (DMS), human resource (HR), and customer relationship management systems (CRM) makes it easy to track, progress and share data between systems.

Course management: Because training requirements change quickly in highly regulated industries, ISOtrain enables you to efficiently createand update course materials as needed.

Blended learning: ISOtrain supports multiple formats for training materials, which allows you to develop and/or assign courses for employees with various learning styles.

Always look for unique features that deliver extra value to your organization's training initiatives and investment. Considering how specific features will affect your training programs is important for maximizing your ROI.

Essential Regulated Industry LMS Features

Choosing a feature-rich LMS you can tailor to your occupational sector affords many advantages for your organization. When looking for an LMS for your company, take particular note of offerings that provide the following.

When looking for an LMS


Multi-Platform Support

Choosing a platform-exclusive LMS can limit your system's effectiveness, especially now that many companies have adopted bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. Choosing an LMS that is compatible with the most popular devices and operating systems is essential to making your courses accessible to all your employees.

ISOtrain is engineered for compatibility with these mobile and desktop operating systems:

  • Windows

  • MacOS

  • Linux

  • iOS

  • Android

Regardless of the operating system, many people utilize different browsers. ISOtrain runs on the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Google Chrome

  • Safari

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Opera

Providing all these options enables maximum flexibility for your organization for existing and any future needs.


Cohesive Branding

Incorporating your company's brand into your LMS helps enhance the learning experience by creating a professional and credible learning environment, which helps build trust with your learners. It also helps strengthen company culture by highlighting your company's values and providing a sense of familiarity as learners progress through the material.

ISOtrain enables customers to configure their LMS to match their company's brand colors and culture. You can add your company logo, change the text to match company terminology, colors, images and more to personalize the system as you see fit. Additionally, companies can translate learner messages into 11 different languages at the employee level to support cultural diversity.


Adheres to Key Training Standards

You need to choose a reliable, high-quality LMS if you want to achieve the results you need. Choose a solution that supports important learning standards to ensure the best service and user experience.

ISOtrain supports standards including:

Experience API (xAPI): This user experience standard enables software applications to collect and share data on user performance so you can keep track of how well your people grasp course material.

Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM): This is an international data format standard that allows you to publish your eLearning course content to your LMS.

Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC): This technical standard is similar to SCORM in that it supports HTTP-based communication between your LMS and your course content.

In addition to enabling smooth course content delivery, these standards are essential for seamless integration between your LMS and any third-party applications your organization uses. Be sure to ask each provider you consider which of the above standards their LMS supports, if any.

The Challenges of Implementing Specialized LMS Features

The transition period is often the most difficult part of adopting new management systems, especially when that system comes with specialized features. Choosing an LMS vendor that offers implementation services will help make transferring information to the new system smoother and prepare your employees to use it.

You should also see if your provider offers validation services, which is when the vendor validates their software for your implementation. This service ensures the software complies with regulatory audit requirements, confirms that the installation process is correct, all of the functionality has been tested and performs as expected.

Finally, choose a provider that offers ongoing customer support. During your transition to your new LMS, you will experience a learning curve on how to use the system. Access to your LMS vendor any time you need allows you to minimize interruptions with your company procedures, increasing your potential ROI.

See the Power of ISOtrain LMS Solutions

At Softek, we're dedicated to helping customers in highly regulated industries simplify training and compliance. We develop configurable training software specifically to support companies in highly regulated industries. If your company does not have to adhere to regulations, you receive the additional benefit that takes your training managment to the next level.

Our LMS solution is fully configurable, so you can tailor it to meet your company's specific security and compliance needs. Plus, seamless integration with third-party applications and mobile devices enables you to create a fluid experience for all your employees regardless of which systems you already use. If you're looking for an LMS for your organization, or if you are ready to upgrade, consider implementing ISOtrain.

Interested in learning more? Contact us online to schedule a live demo, or request a free trial to see how ISOtrain fits into your organization.

See the power of ISOtrain LMS Solutions