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It is Time to Change Your LMS

Your learning management system (LMS) is essential for achieving key learning and development goals, adhering to legal and industry regulations, and maximizing productivity within your organization. Technology changes rapidly, though, and many companies are finding that they need to move on from their legacy systems in order to stay competitive.

Replacing outdated technology is an essential part of preparing your company for the growing demands of the digital age — and that also goes for your LMS. Explore reasons to change your LMS below.

5 Signs Your Company Needs to Switch LMS Platforms


Lack of Integrations

Third-party integrations are essential to a seamless user experience, but many older LMS platforms are still incompatible with new technologies. Further, many don't plan to release updates that would enable those integrations.

You need every software program in your tech stack to seamlessly communicate to provide an engaging, streamlined user experience. If your existing LMS doesn't offer the integrations you need, it's time to start looking for a replacement.


Inadequate Metrics

In our current age of digital transformation, becoming a data-driven organization is more important than ever before. If you lack access to advanced analytics and reporting features, you lose the ability to measure learning success and identify obstacles, which can hinder your L&D initiatives moving forward.

A newer learning management system like ISOtrain offers report generation features that simplify interpretation and analysis for key stakeholders. These LMS features can also help your organization reduce labor costs by eliminating the need to hire additional data analysts.


Declining User Engagement

Clunky, outdated technology distracts from course materials — and lack of user support can make your learners more likely to avoid completing their required training. Adopting a modern LMS with a streamlined, user-friendly interface is an excellent step toward providing a more engaging user experience. You'll also want to make sure your new solution has a reliable support team behind it so your users can get the help they need when they need it.


Outdated Content Delivery

According to a recent report from Gitnux, the mobile learning market is set to reach $80.1 billion by 2027. It's easy to see why — business leaders who participated in the study reported that embracing mobile learning boosted business by 55% and that employee productivity improved by 43%.

An ideal mobile LMS should be compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems to include everyone in your organization. For example, ISOtrain Mobile empowers learners by giving them remote access to course materials optimized for whatever device they prefer to use.


Zero Scalability

Older LMS solutions usually come with inflexible pricing models that get in the way of rapid growth. Often, you pay for a specific number of users when you first adopt your LMS — for every user added after that initial group, you get charged an additional fee.

If you're looking to grow your organization, you need a flexible system that allows you to scale without breaking your budget. Ask potential LMS vendors about their pricing strategy and consider how it translates to your company before making a decision. You should be able to grow your user base without worrying about running into surprise fees or other roadblocks.

Introducing ISOtrain: The Ideal LMS for Highly Regulated Industries

Introducing ISOtrain The Ideal LMS for Highly Regulated Industries

Finding an LMS that can withstand the evolving demands of your workplace is vital when you're looking for a replacement system. That's doubly important for companies in highly regulated industries, where the compliance requirements are significantly more demanding.

That's why we developed ISOtrain. ISOtrain is a comprehensive LMS solution that includes essential features such as:

Configurable compliance courses: Simplify compliance management with the ability to configure ISOtrain to meet your company's unique needs. ISOtrain is compliant with many domestic/international standards and regulations, so you can rest assured that it'll meet the standards that apply to your organization.

Secure data management: Security is a critical consideration in our increasingly digital age. ISOtrain offers robust data security features that protect sensitive company and employee information from falling into the wrong hands.

Audit-ready reporting: Traceable data is essential for passing regulatory audits, and ISOtrain's advanced report generation features make interpreting and analyzing LMS data simple.

ISOtrain will help you improve the LMS experience without additional hassle or business disruptions.

Making the Transition Smoother

At Softek Export LLC, we want your business to reap the benefits of our software as quickly as possible — that's why we offer a full range of scalable implementation services to make your business migration simple.

Some key focus areas of the implementation process include:

Data migration: Moving all your user data between learning management systems can be complicated, so our team takes that burden off your shoulders. We'll direct you through every step of your data migration so you can pick up right where you left off.

Employee training: Adopting a new LMS can be complex when your users aren't familiar with the technology. We offer comprehensive education and training services to make the implementation process smooth and streamlined so that you can eliminate production gaps and keep business moving.

Change management strategies: When you make any changes in business, you need to ensure you minimize disruptions during the implementation process. We'll help you create a holistic change management strategy so you can enjoy a seamless transition.

The Bottom Line: Changing Your LMS Is Good for Your Organization

At the end of the day, you need your company's software to work for your employees — not the other way around. Updating your LMS may be the step you need to take to boost user engagement and make adhering to key industry standards and regulations easier.

Unsure what to look for when evaluating your LMS choices? Read our recent blog on how to choose an LMS for a helpful guide on making that decision.

Upgrade Your LMS to ISOtrain Today

It is time to replace your current LMS. At Softek Export LLC, we strive to provide world-class software to simplify compliance and boost productivity for companies in highly regulated industries. That's why we created ISOtrain, a purpose-built LMS solution for the 21st century.

With its intuitive, user-friendly interface and optimization for a wide range of devices and operating systems, ISOtrain provides an engaging learning experience for all your employees. Plus, ISOtrain integrates with many third-party software systems, so you can easily incorporate it into your organization's tech stack.

Contact us online today to explore how ISOtrain can enhance your organization's learning and development strategy.

Upgrade Your LMS to ISOtrain